To give all of our members a positive soccer experience while teaching the game of soccer and life lessons.


To provide an opportunity for the youth in the city of Portland the experience of playing competitive soccer.


To promote sportmanship and a sense of fair play within the framework of a team sport, to develop an interest in and a working knowledge of the game of soccer, and to provide a suitable competitive environment for our players.


Portland City United Soccer Club is a club that prides itself on loyalty to our members. We work hard to find that delicate balance in our programs so that our players do not get burned out. Portland City United recognizes our young people today are pulled in many directions. We encourage our players to particpate in outside activities, it helps develop well rounded people. We only ask that players work to meet their commitment to the team they have joined.

Our teams train regularly with a focus on the basic skills including dribbling, passing, and recieving at the younger ages. As the players and the team grow, the focus can move to game tactics in small groups and a team.

PCU Programs

Youth Development Program

Competitive Soccer Teams


  • Spring Break/Summer
    • 5 to 12 year olds
  • Goalkeeper/Striker
    • U10 to U18
  • HS Prep


Specialized Training

Adult League Teams