Classic Q&A

What are the costs involved if I play for PCU?

Fees associated with PCU:

Membership Fees
Includes administrative costs, fall, spring, and winter league fees, Insurance, Field, Coaching, Goalkeeper training, Equipment
  • Fall Classic Program (U11-15) - $1450
  • Winter Classic Program (U16-19) - $1450
    • Both programs run from May to May
      • Fall Classic takes a break in the winter
      • Winter Classic takes a break in the fall
    • Sibling Discount
      • $125 per player in either Fall or Winter Classic
      • $100 per player in YDP
  • Summer Program (U15 to U20) - $350
  • Spring Season - (U11 to U15 - new players only if space is available, contact the office first) - $465
  • YDP - (U7 to U10) - $1000

Payment Plans available for Fall/Winter Classic and YDP Programs

Uniform Requirements
  • $226 plus the cost of a Nike ball
  • Uniform is mandatory at all PCU practices and games
  • PCU uniform can be purchased directly through Tursi's Soccer Store in Beaverton.
    • Purchase your gear through their website before ordering, if you are unsure of the size leave your jersey number blank
YDP Uniform Information

Additional costs include summer tournaments, travel tournaments, Winter 7v7, indoor/futsal

  • Summer tournaments (U11-19) - $100-200
  • 7v7 is $50 per player
  • Travel tournament fees are divided amoung attending players only
  • Coach Per Diem/Gas for travel tournaments and games over 60 miles from Buckman Field

Refund Policies

What is PCU's focus and philosophy?

PCU and its coaches are commited as a club to provide a positive soccer experience for our members. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the youth of Portland to play competitive soccer. Our coaches work to develop our players technically, tactically, physically and as people to be good members of their teams. Team sports provide great life lessons and our coaches work hard to reinforce those lessons.

PCU's goal is to continue player development throughout their time with each team. Our coaches have a set of skills for each age group that help provide an age appropriate focus. Each team is different in level, but each coach pushes the players to maximize their potential and progress as players throughout the season.

Can you tell me more about your coaching staff?

Our current coaching staff includes college, high school, and youth professional coaches. We have some very experienced coaches that have been at PCU for a long time, and we also have some young coaches that played for PCU that are now giving back to the club.

PCU hires and continues to search for the best possible coaches in Oregon. Our coaches have taken professional soccer licensing courses. Head Coach Jeff Enquist also evaluates each of our coaches on a regular basis to help with the continuing education of our staff. Each coach brings their own style of coaching, but each one is committed to providing a professional atmosphere to all club soccer events.

To read more about our coaches, click here.

Is playing club soccer a year round commitment?

Fall Classic Program (U11-14)
Tryouts are in early to mid May. Teams will then practice twice a week and play in at least 3 tournaments over the summer. The fall league is played in September and October, teams usually train twice a week during this period. In November, teams participate in an end of the season tournament. Some teams will play in either our 7v7 league or other indoor options. Teams will then participate in the spring league, with training twice a week during February, March, and April.

Winter Classic Program (U15-18)
Tryouts are in early to mid May. Players will train and play in tournaments during the summer then go off to their high school teams until November. Practice starts in December and runs through May tryouts. In that time teams will play in the Winter League from late January through the first weekend of April(no games spring break) and in State Cup or Presidents' Cup in April/early May.

How often do PCU teams practice?

Our teams train twice a week during their primary seasons. Some teams will have extra training sessions or scrimmages for more playing opportunities.

Where does PCU have practice?

PCU's home fields are Buckman Field Park and Moore Street field.

Buckman Field - Located next to Benson HS
Parking Lot located at NE 15th & NE Glisan Avenue, Portland, OR 97232 Google Maps

  • This is the home field for our U11 to U19 teams

Moore Street Field - Located on the corner of N Williams and N Roselawn Street Google Maps
Street Parking

  • Our YDP is housed at this field and other teams will use this field for extra training or programs

What kind of travel is involved?

League play can involve trips to cities around Oregon but most games will be in the Portland area.

Tournaments for teams that choose to travel include going to Washington and California for college recruiting opportunities and increased levels of competition.

How do tryouts work?

Fall and Winter Classic teams have tryouts in early May. Players register online for tryouts and will recieve a number upon arrival at the tryout site. Players will be divided up into teams and play in multiple short-sided games and/or full scrimmages where they will be evaluated by our coaching staff.

If you are interested in becoming a member of PCU, it is recommended that you attend both of your Age Group's tryouts. By attending both sessions coaches will have the best chance to assess your skills, decision making, phsysiological and psychogical aspects of your play.

What if my son/daughter plays another sport or participates in other activities?

We understand and accept that players are involved in other sports/activities. We always ask that players do their best to show their commitment to their team and communicate with their coach about the other activities they participate in.

Are there different levels of classic soccer?

Teams are placed into level appropriate leagues by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association. PCU does its best to put teams into leagues where the players and team development can be maximized.