College Search

College Search

Building a Resume

Below are links to help build your resume. Use the Resume Template to fill in your information. The Example Resume is how your resume should look when you get done. Keep your resume to one page. There is a built in margain so that you can put together team books for showcases and tournaments.

Resume Template

Example Resume

PCU College Presentation

Building a List of Schools & Contacting Coaches

The next step is contacting schools you are interested in. This is a beginner list so it could consist of 20 or more schools. Send the coach your resume along with an email expressing your interest in thier program, DO NOT send a mass email to a bunch of coaches. You need to include a schedule of upcoming games or tournaments that they can see you play in.

Player Checklist and School List

Sample Cover Letter

As an option, you can provide a video of you playing. A 10 minute section of a game focused on you and a small highlight section is all you need. You can either put your video on YouTube or send it in the mail along with your resume.

Additional Resources

Useful Websites to help you with your search:

Northwest Conferences

PCU Resources

As a PCU member, you can get personal college counseling with your coach or one of the administrative staff.
Contact the office for more info: 503-643-1530