Due to COVID-19, this tournament will be cancled. Please note that the event is subject to change depending on the return to play date set by state & local authorities. We will share additional updates as they become available. 

Portland City United has teamed up with and Westside Timbers to bring you this fun start to the summer tournament season. The 4x4 games are fun, fast and a great way to continue your development as a player!


Cost: $195

Age Groups: The 4v4 Tournament uses 2019-2020 Calendar Year Age Groups. Determine the birth year of the OLDEST player on your team and register in that age group.


Summary of Rules of Competition:

  • Maximum of eight players per team.

  • Players can only be registered on one team and must be registered through their state association.

  • All age groups based on 2019-2020 Calendar Year Age Groups.

  • Teams must have matching light and dark uniforms.

  • Four players on the field; no goalkeeper.

  • All games will be two-12 minute halves with a two minute half time.

  • No offsides and no slide tackling.

  • Either team may substitute on the fly. No stoppage of play.

  • No play in the "no-play zone" which is an arc in front of each goal.

  • No throw-ins. All restarts will be kick-in with defending players a minimum of 3 yards away.

  • All dead ball kicks are indirect with the exception of a penalty kick.

  • Field size: 30 x 40 yards

  • Goal size: 3 x 5 feet

  • Ball size: #4 for U9-U12 and #5 for U13-U19

    For tournament and rules questions, email
    For registration and check-in questions, email