Please complete the following two forms, Concussion and Medical Release, and return to your player's coaching staff once they have accepted their spot on their team.


College Preparation

PCU College Preperation Philosophy

At PCU, we strive to prepare athletes for a successful college career on or off the field. We are proud of the many PCU players have graduated to play at all levels of college soccer, all across the country.

But we are just as proud of the hundreds of PCU alumnus who have used PCU as a springboard to being healthy physically, socially and academically in college. At PCU, we strive to help players grow as players and as individuals who can contribute positively to their communities for years to come. Winter Competitive players benefit from college tours, 1-1 counseling and planning support and exposure to tournaments at universities across the West Coast.

Step One: Build a Resume

Below are links to help build your resume. Use the Resume Template to fill in your information. The Example Resume is how your resume should look when you get done. Keep your resume to one page. There is a built in margin so that you can put together team books for showcases and tournaments. Resume Template Example Resume PCU College Presentation

Step Two: Build a List of Schools and Contact Coaches

The next step is contacting schools you are interested in. This is a beginner list so it could consist of 20 or more schools. Send the coach your resume along with an email expressing your interest in thier program, DO NOT send a mass email to a bunch of coaches. You need to include a schedule of upcoming games or tournaments that they can see you play in. As an option, you can provide a video of you playing. A 10 minute section of a game focused on you and a small highlight section is all you need. You can either put your video on YouTube or send it in the mail along with your resume.

Additional Resources

Useful Websites to help you with your search: US Youth Soccer College Bound Resources National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) NCAA Student Guide NCAA Sports Website National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Northwest Conferences: West Coast Conference (Division I) Pacific Athletic Conference (Pac10) (Division I) Great Northwest Athletic Conference( Division II) Northwest Conference( Division III) Cascade Collegiate Conference Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges PCU Resources: As a PCU member, you can get personal college counseling with your coach or one of the administrative staff. Contact the office at or 503-643-1530 for more information.