PCU Winter 7v7 League (December '22 -January '23)

Updated: Sep 21

League Regulations & Information:

Outdoor Winter (December '22 - January '23) 7v7 League for U9-U19 Teams

Fee: $500 per team

Registration Deadline: Friday, November 18th

A great way to keep your team together during the offseason! Eight games played on weekends at Buckman Field in SE Portland. Players can play on multiple rosters, requests can be made to accommodate futsal schedules. OYSA sanctioned tournament.

League Regulations:

Potential Game Dates:

  • December 3-4

  • December 10-11

  • December 17-18

  • Holiday Break, no games December 24-January 1

  • January 7-8

  • January 14-15

Game & Tournament Format:

  • 6 players + Goalkeeper

  • Field size: Half (50 x 70) with academy size outdoor goal (6.5 x 18)

  • 50-minute games (25-minute halves with 3-minute halftime). No added time/overtime

  • Game ball provided by home team

  • 3-point system:

  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

  • Tie Breakers: 1-Goal Differential, 2-Goal Against, 3-Goals For

  • If either team goes up by five goals, the opposing team may add an extra player until the goal differential drops below five.

Facilities & Parking:

All games played on turf at Buckman Field in SE Portland. Players and families can enter the field from three entrances:

  • walkway by the Tennis Center on 12th Ave (recommended)

  • ally by Voodoo Donuts

  • 16th Ave by the walkway on the north-side of Buckman Terrace Apartments

There is street parking available at all three locations. Please do not park in the Tennis Center parking lot. Restrooms are available at PCU’s clubhouse on the NW corner of Buckman Field. See map below for field locations.


Rosters need to be emailed to pcusc@pcusc.org prior to first game. Team will not need to present rosters to referees at game-time. Coaches are liable for playing any unregistered players in 7v7 league games. If a team adds any new players to their rosters, please email an updated roster. No player cards needed.

Please email victoria@pcusc.org with any questions.

Team Uniforms & Equipment:

All teams need to be in matching color shirts (home team will wear light and the away team will wear dark). Numbers are not required. Shinguards are always required, no exceptions.

Game Rules:

  1. Substitutions are done ‘on the fly’ from the mid-line of the field and player must exit before the sub enters.

  2. Kick-ins rather than throw-ins. All kicks are indirect with the exception of penalty kicks. Penalty kicks are taken from the 12-yard penalty area line. 8-yard mandatory buffer around free kicks.

  3. No offsides.

  4. After goal is scored, play is started with a kickoff from the midline. Kick-off can be in any direction.

  5. Keeper may opt to use hands or feet to play ball out instead of taking proper goal kicks. Keeper has 6 seconds to release possession of the ball.

  6. Red card results in ejection from game and one-game suspension. Fighting is an automatic one-year suspension. Teams may not replace any red-carded player on the field during the game that they received it.

  7. NO SLIDE TACKLING (slide within 5ft of an opposing player). Goalkeeper is excluded from this rule and may slide within their penalty area.

  • First offense: verbal warning

  • Second offense: yellow card

  • Third offense: second yellow and player is ejected from the game

Lightning or Extreme Weather:

All games will be canceled, and teams will be notified via email. PCU will work to replay any un-played games but reserves the right to cancel them.

Additional Terms:

PCU reserves the right to disqualify and eject any player and/or team for unsportsmanlike conduct or general refusal to cooperate with the rules, regulations and spirit of the league and grant judgement of this right to the referee/s who officiate the matches within this league.