Meet Coach Ashton Betts

Updated: May 25

Meet Ashton Betts, our Youth Development Program Director & Head Coach.

From my early days playing at PCU I felt at home here, like my coaches and teammates were family. I owe that feeling of family to the mission of this club and I have my parents to thank for allowing me to develop a love and understanding for soccer. My dad played for Aston Villa and the Portland Timbers, and although I understand that my playing career could’ve been one full of pressure and high expectations, both my parents allowed me to find myself as a player and create my own path.

After playing at PCU through high school, I had a successful career at the Oregon Institute of Technology. When I moved back to the area after graduating I found myself needing to be around the sport I love. Again finding myself back in Portland, I knew there was no other place I was going to start my coaching career than PCU. I felt I had to return the favor to the club that helped shape me, not only into the player that I was, but the person I am today. I was welcomed back with open arms and I couldn’t be happier with the guidance, opportunity, and trust given to me by everyone here.

My goal as a coach at PCU is to make sure all players have that same feeling of home and family I had years ago.