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COVID-19 Preparation and Precautions

PCU Families & Players,The corona-virus COVID-19 has arrived in Oregon and we wanted to share our plans and suggestions to help provide a safe place for you, your family, PCU staff/coaches to train and play. 

We have adopted the following policies:

1. Wash-In/Wash-Out: We encourage all players and staff to wash their hands when arriving, and leaving practice. There is hand sanitizer available on the counter inside the clubhouse as well.

2. Take a Break: If a child, coach, or parent has a cough or fever they should not come to practice or a game. Please stay at home away from others who are not sick.

3. Air High-Fives, Air Fist Bumps & Spread-Out Huddles: At practice and games kids and coaches should take steps to avoid physical contact as much as possible. We recommend air high fives, air fist bumps, and spread out huddles.

4. Equipment, Facility and Clothing Sanitation: Our staff routinely sanitizes, disinfects and cleans surfaces throughout the clubhouse. We will add increased focus on cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, bathrooms, desks, and sitting areas as part of our daily cleaning schedule.

In good health,

Portland City United Staff and Coaches

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