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2023-24 Season Tryouts, Join Mid-Season!

Our Programs:

If your player was born 2014-2017

Our Youth Development Program (YDP) is divided into three seasons: Spring Program (January-May '24), Summer/Fall Program (May-November '24), Winter Camp (December '24-January '25). Tryouts will be held January 29th & 31st (6-7pm) for our Spring Program and early-May for our Summer/Fall program. No tryout is required for our Winter Camp.

If your player was born 2013-2004

Players on these teams participate in our U11-U14 Annual Program which runs May to Mid-November '23 & Mid-January to April '24. Our next round of tryouts will be held in May '24. To inquire about joining mid-season, see information below.

If your player was born 2009-2004

Players on these teams participate in our U15-U19 Annual Program which runs May-August '23 & November-April '24. Players play with their high school teams during their fall season. Our next round of tryouts will be held in May '24. To inquire about joining mid-season, see information below.

Join Mid-Season:

If your player was born 2017-2014, registration is currently open for our Spring Season Tryouts. Learn more about the season, and register to join us 1/29 & 1/31 for tryouts HERE.


Tryouts for our Annual Program (2013-2005) teams are held each May. If you are interested in joining mid-season, please reach out to with your player's first and last name and birth year.

  • We will connect you with your player's age-group's Head Coach who can confirm if they have any spots currently open (please note: a majority of our teams are currently full for the spring season).

  • If they do have a spot available, we'll help get them registered for a tryout and have them attend one of the the team's regular training sessions as an evaluation. Please note, each age-group's tryout registration must be opened manually by a member of our staff. Victoria will confirm your registration window once the tryout is coordinated.

  • See below for Day-Of Tryout Instructions, Uniforms and How You'll Know if Your Player Made a Team.


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How much do tryouts cost?

How will my player know they've made a team?

What if my player wants to play with an older age-group?

What if I'm having trouble registering?

Who should I contact with questions?

Day-of Tryout Instructions

Please see below for what to bring, how to check-in and other helpful tips to keep in mind during tryouts.

Tip #1: View Parking & Directions

Directions: All tryouts are held at Buckman Field (300 NE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97232). Families are welcome to accompany their player to the field, and are permitted to watch tryouts from the track only (not on the turf). Parking:

Due to construction, there is only street parking currently available at this facility. Please give yourself enough time to find a spot, walk to the field and check-in with their age-groups coaching staff before your player's session.

  • Option 1: Park along 12th Ave (street parking) near the Portland Tennis Center and Franz Bakery. Please DO NOT park in the Tennis Center parking lot. Walk towards the front doors of the Tennis Center and take a left up the stairs, towards the "bubble." Follow the walkway to the field.

  • Option 2: Park by Voodoo Donuts on NE Davis (street parking) and enter via the alley way on the west-side of the building.

  • Option 3: Park along 16th Ave (street parking) and enter the field using the walkway on the north-side of the Buckman Terrace Apartments.

Tip #2: Come Prepared

We ask that players do not wear PCU or other club's uniforms to tryouts. Please bring a ball (with players name + phone number, legibly in sharpie), cleats, shinguards and water bottle.

Tip #3: Arrive 10 Minutes Early to Check-In with Coaching Staff

Please head directly to your player's field when you arrive and connect with the Head Coach. To confirm the exact field location, see the Training Schedule and use the map above.

Tip #4: During Warm-Ups, Put Yourself Out There

Introduce yourself to someone, or ask someone to pass or juggle during warm-ups.

Tip #5: Be Vocal, Be Positive

Communicate during the game play, tell a teammate "nice pass, good tackle," etc.

Tip #6: Relax, it's Okay to Make Mistakes!

You will make mistakes, everyone does, it's okay to make mistakes! Showing how you respond to those mistakes is what matters more.

Tip #7: Listen, But Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

Tip #8: Most Importantly, Remember to Have Fun!

Thank you again for joining us for tryouts!


How will my player know if they've made a team?

Players will receive the official club invitation from SportsConnect (the same platform you used to register for tryouts) within 24 hours of their tryout date, letting them know if they've made a team. Families have 48 hours to accept their spot on their SportsConnect account and make their first payment (from the time the invitation is sent). See payment options below.

Players are not committed on a roster until they accept their spot via the offer email and make their first payment. Players are not permitted to attend training until they have officially accepted their spot.

Coach's will be in contact with accepted players via email within a few days of their tryout with more information, including the age-groups yearly calendar.




Payment Options

​YDP Spring



​50% non-refundable deposit required to accept player's spot.*

U11-U14 Annual



​$295 non-refundable deposit required to accept player's spot.*

U15-U19 Annual



​$295 non-refundable deposit required to accept player's spot.*

* Payment plans available for remaining balance and financial aid is available for qualifying families. If joining mid-season, annual fees will be prorated based on first practice date. For more information, FA applications and our refund policy, please visit:

If you have any questions, please reach out at Please include your players first and last name and birthdate.



See below for a list of required items and how to order.

Annual Training Schedule

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