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2023-24 Season Tryouts, Join Mid-Season!

Updated: May 24

Our Programs:

If your player was born 2014-2017

If your player was born 2013-2010

If your player was born 2009-2004

High School Summer-Only Program

Summer Camps

Join Mid-Season:

Tryouts for our Annual Program Teams are held each May. If you are interested in joining mid-season, please reach out to with your player's first and last name and birth year.

We will connect you with your player's age-group's Head Coach who can confirm if they have any spots currently open. If they do, we'll help get them registered for a tryout and have them attend one of the the team's regular training sessions as an evaluation.

Please note, each age-group's tryout registration must be opened manually by a member of our staff. Victoria will confirm your registration window once the tryout is coordinated.

See below for Day-Of Tryout Instructions, Uniforms and How You'll Know if Your Player Made a Team.


How much do tryouts cost?

How will my player know they've made a team?

What if my player wants to play with an older age-group?

What if I'm having trouble registering?

Who should I contact with questions?

Day-of Instructions

Please see below for what to bring, how to check-in and other helpful tips to keep in mind during tryouts.

Tip #1: View Parking & Directions

Tip #2: Come Prepared

Tip #3: Arrive 10 Minutes Early to Check-In with Coaching Staff

Tip #4: During Warm-Ups, Put Yourself Out There

Tip #5: Be Vocal, Be Positive

Tip #6: Relax, it's Okay to Make Mistakes!

Tip #7: Listen, But Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

Tip #8: Most Importantly, Remember to Have Fun!


How will my player know if they've made a team?