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PCU Alumni: Meet Zayn

  • Years with PCU: 2013-2017 (U15-U19)   

  • Position Played: Center Midfielder and Right Back

  • Interests/Hobbies Outside of Soccer: Meditation and kinesiology. I spend some time every day relaxing the mind and manifesting the future I want to have. I have also found that I really enjoy learning about the way the body is meant to function, and applying this to soccer. 

I am currently studying for a BA International Sports Management in my final year at Richmond, the American International University, and playing for Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA) in Leeds, U.K. We play in a semi professional league in England, and we will be competing in the Junior Football Championship in Shenzhen, China November 1-10.

My favorite moment with PCU was definitely in my final year, in the 2017 state cup group stage. We beat Eastside Timbers 4-1, and knocked them out of the tournament. By the end of the game, they weren't even able to touch the ball.

For me, PCU was the right fit. It gave me the opportunity to be the leader of a team full of ambitious players with an equally ambitious and supportive coach (Shaun Figueiredo). After playing with PCU, I was extremely confident and prepared for adaptation at the next level of my career. I would attribute this to the balance of a competitive and supportive environment in which I played at PCU. I felt like it was vital that I improved and performed, but also that I was allowed to make mistakes.

My words of wisdom for aspiring post-grad players:
Act like the person you want to be every day. If you want to play college soccer, act like a college soccer player would act. Do this all the time. Take responsibility for your own improvement. Secondly, and more importantly, make sure enjoy it. If you aren't having fun in what you do, or where it is taking you, find something that you do enjoy enough to be obsessed with.