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Portland City United Soccer Club’s Online Curriculum is divided into the four areas of player development: Technique, Tactics, Attitude, and Athleticism. It is designed primarily for individual and small group skills training. Review the information below and reference the corresponding videos, articles, and resources for more information.

We recommend exploring each topic in order to find the activities and exercises that are developmentally appropriate for your age and ability. Modify activities and test yourself to find success while also being challenged to improve.

Many of the areas under the Technique and Athleticism sections will require multiple sessions to master and see results, so it is best to repeat and re-visit these exercises and activities over time.


Please share your progress, work-outs, ball skills, photos, videos, and more with your coaches and the club!


You can send us your content by:


Be sure to tag us if you post and use #pcusoccerclub. Follow both accounts to see your teammates and stay up to date with club news. We will post additional skills challenges and updates in the coming days, so don’t miss out!

Last Updated: 5/13/20