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Mentor Program for High School Players

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The PCU Mentor Program is a great option for high school age players interested in expanding their knowledge of the game through paid coaching opportunities. Through the application process, coaches will be selected and placed into one of PCU's Youth Development Program age-groups.

Each age-group is lead by a US Soccer Federation licensed coach that will guide the Mentor Program participants through different activities and engage them with the group, teaching Mentor Program coaches how to use guided questions to encourage learning and understanding of technical and game concepts, using freeze moments to explain and show players concepts, and the importance of play in training and how to coach in the flow of the activity.

Through the Mentor Program, players will gain confidence in their understanding of the game through coaching as well as finding their voice as leaders. The skills Mentor Program participants will gain throughout the course of the program can be taken back to their teams where they can apply their new knowledge of the game and their leadership skills to their playing career.

Mentor coaches are paid $15 per hour.

There are three seasons to the PCU Mentor Program:

  • Spring (February through April)

  • Summer/Fall (May through November)

  • Winter (December through January)

If you have any additional questions about the program, please reach out to the Program Director, Ashton Betts at Thanks!



If players wish to coach over multiple seasons, they will have to repeat the application process each season.

Mentors must be committing to attend training on Monday & Wednesday from 5pm-6pm (June 5th - August 3rd). For those not participating in their high school's soccer program, Mentors are welcome to continue through the fall from 6-7pm (August 6th - November 16th). Weekend league games are optional. Consistent attendance is required. Mentorship Program Coaches must notify their age-groups's head coach or Program Director (Ashton Betts) at least 24 hours prior to any absence.

Additional Requirements:

  • Pre-Tryout Meeting (Saturday, May 13th, 3-4pm)

  • YDP Tryouts (Monday, May 15th from 4-6:30pm and Wednesday, May 17th from 4-6:30pm)

  • Mentor Training (Saturday, May 20th, 5-7pm)

  • Beaverton 4v4 Tournament (June 10-11th, schedule TBD)

Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 26th (5pm)

Applicants Notified By: Monday, May 1st

Mentor coaches are paid $15 per hour and are responsible for tracking their own hours and turning in timesheets on time to receive payment. More information will be distributed during the pre-tryout and training meetings in May.

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