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U11-U14 (2010-2013) Program

We provide competitive club soccer playing opportunities in Portland for players born 2017-2005. Our quality, certified & licensed coaches provide players at all levels with the technical and life skills necessary to be successful in the game of soccer and their community. The U11-U14 program  focuses on the development of individual players born 2010-2013, with an emphasis on:

  • Technical Skills and Body Mechanics

  • Tactical Knowledge and Decision Making

  • Teamwork and Competition

  • Discipline and Fun​​


PCU's programs create a competitive and supportive environment for our players to reach their own personal potential through the game of soccer. Our holistic approach to development helps to achieve positive results both on and off the field for our players and families. In general, we offer multiple levels of teams within each age-group, allowing players to compete at an appropriate level for their skill-set. Players have opportunities to travel out of state for tournaments, regionals and nationals, when applicable. 

Teams hold formal tryouts for the each season in early-May. Players are evaluated by our coaching staff to assess player's skills, decision making, physiological/psychological aspects of their play. Spots on select teams open mid-season (use button below to learn more).  ​


Annual Membership (Summer, Fall & Spring)


Each Annual Program begins with tryouts at the beginning of May. Teams begin training mid-May, twice a week at Buckman Field Park.

  • During the Summer, teams practice twice a  week at Buckman Field Park. Tournaments and jamborees in June, July, & August in the Portland Metro Area: Beaverton 4v4 (June), PCU Summer Classic (July), PCU Rose City Classic (August).

  • During the Fall/Winter, teams practice twice a  week at Buckman Field Park and participate in league games on weekends in September, October & November in the Portland Metro Area. Teams in this age-group take a Winter Break (no training) from November 18th - January 21st, but have the option to participate in PCU Winter Outdoor 7v7 League

  • During the Spring, teams practice twice a  week at Buckman Field Park and participate in league and cup games in February, March, & April.


Financial Aid: Payment plans and scholarships are available. Applications must be submitted within 3 days of being offered a spot on a team. Listed fees do not include uniforms and tournament fees.

Techne Training App

Each player's PCU Membership fees includes new technical training sessions every week, shooting sessions, Techne GK sessions, Time Trial Drills, and the chance to compete for a spot on the Techne Leaderboards.

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