Our goal is to provide competitive playing opportunities for children who are enthusiastic about the game, who desire to develop skills to a higher level, and want to have fun while doing so with paid - certified/licensed coaches.


The program is aimed at the achievement of excellence, toward everyone playing their best, and further developing an appreciation for competition and sportsmanship. The U11 - U14 program focuses on the development of individual players and teams, with an emphasis on:

  • Technical Skills and Body Mechanics

  • Tactical Knowledge and Decision Making

  • Teamwork and Competition

  • Discipline and Fun



Tryouts for the U11-U14 2020 season have concluded. If you're interested in joining a team mid-season, please e-mail pcusc@pcusc.org for more information. 


 2021 tryout information coming soon! ​​



All practices are held at the newly re-turfed Buckman Field, completed Summer 2020. 

  • All players are required to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth before, during and after training sessions.

  • Parents are required to stay outside of the field complex (e.g. in vehicles or outside the field complex perimeter) for drop-off and pick-up. 

  • For practices, do not arrive more than 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time. For games, do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your scheduled start time. If you do, please remain in your car or outside of the field complex. Players and coaches must leave the field immediately after training sessions and games. Practice social distancing (6 feet) and wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility.

  • Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after all training sessions. Bring personal hand sanitizer with you to every training.

  • Players should wear their red PCU jersey to practice and games, and they should bring their white and black jerseys as alternate tops.

  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, bag, or any other items. Use the restroom and fill up water bottles before arriving at training and games, as restrooms and water fountains may not be available at field complexes. Place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart. Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after training sessions and games.



Payment plans and scholarships are available. Applications MUST be submitted within 3 days of being offered a spot on a team. Listed fees do not include uniforms and tournament fees.  

$1395, per player


PCU's outstanding team of coaches are dedicated to giving our members the best possible club soccer experience.

We strive to surround our members with coaches that are successful on and off the field. Each coach brings their own style of coaching, but each one is committed to providing a professional atmosphere to all club soccer events. Our paid coaching staff complete Background Checks, SafeSport Training, Concussion training and are evaluated regularly.



Uniforms are available at Tursi Soccer and are not included in the annual player's program fees. All players are required to wear the PCU Uniform and Training Gear to all practices and games. Before placing your order through Tursi's online store, contact your coach to confirm your player's jersey number. 

When ordering you can either enter in your confirmed jersey number if you know your size and you do NOT want to try on your uniform in the store before finalizing the purchase, or do not enter a jersey number during your online order if you're unsure of the desired size. 

ALL PCU players also receive a 15% discount on all additional purchases made in the Tursi store including futsal shoes, cleats, balls and shinguards. 



Red Training Jersey - $20

White Game Jersey - $28

Black Game Jersey - $45

Shorts - $18 

Socks - $10

Total: $121.00


Rain Jacket - $75

Hoodie - $48

Sweatpants - $40

Backpack - $45




The Techne app will help our current, U8 - U15 players learn, improve, and refine their skills through consistent technical training.


Each player's Club Membership includes new technical training sessions every week, shooting sessions, Techne GK sessions, Time Trial Drills, and the chance to compete for a spot on the Techne Leaderboards.


What is the PCU philosophy?

PCU is committed to providing a positive experience for both players and parents by providing good administration, top level coaching, and access to first class facilities. PCU usually has multiple levels of teams within an age group so players can be placed at the appropriate level to develop. PCU works to offer additional opportunities like out of state tournament travel to help players grow both on and off the field.

Can you tell me more about your coaching staff?

PCU works hard to find coaches who are committed to the development of the player, through individual and team training and games. PCU encourages our coaches to continue to challenge themselves by attending coaching courses offered by US Soccer. Our coaches complete Background Checks, SafeSport Training, and Concussion training. You can find individual profiles on PCU coaches on our coaching staff page.

Is playing club soccer a year round commitment?

Due to COVID-19, please see most recent newsletter for questions concerning practice schedules, league updates and more. If you have additional questions, please reach out at pcusc@pcusc.org.

What kind of travel is involved?

As of Fall 2020: Due to COVID-19, please see most recent newsletter for questions concerning team travel, league updates and more. If you have additional questions, please reach out at pcusc@pcusc.org. Pre-COVID: The majority of the games are played in the Portland Metro area. There is an occasional trip to Bend or Rogue Valley, but these travel games are rare. Teams will often carpool or rent vans to help lessen the impact on families. PCU does like to offer several out of state travel tournament. Many of our teams travel to San Francisco and Seattle for tournaments. The trip to San Francisco is always in early March and we also tour several college campuses on the trip.

How do tryouts work?

Tryouts have currently concluded for the 2020/21 season. If you are interested in joining mid-season, please reach out at pcusc@pcusc.org. Fall and Winter Classic teams have generally have tryouts in early May (2020/21 season tryouts will be held in July due to COVID-19). Players register online for tryouts (pregistration for 2020/21 tryouts is required). Players will receive their number and be divided up into cohorts where they will be evaluated by our coaching staff to assess your player's skills, decision making, physiological/psychological aspects of their play.

What if my son/daughter plays another sport or participates in other activities?

Our club will always supports our players that participate in other activities. Please communicate with your player's coach and inform them when conflicts arise well in advance helps lessen the impact. We believes soccer is a part of a players and families life, but should never control it.

Are there different levels of classic soccer?

Teams are placed into level appropriate leagues by the Oregon Youth Soccer Association. PCU does its best to put teams into leagues where the players and team development can be maximized.

Where and when do PCU teams train?

PCU teams train at Buckman Field in NE Portland (416 NE 12th Ave). To view the most recent practice schedule, view our latest club newsletter. Buckman Field is a 245,000 square foot facility with brand new synthetic, FIFA approved turf and lights (finished Summer 2020). Our office and clubhouse are also located in the blue buidling at the NW corner of the field. Our clubhouse, (pre-COVID) offered a warm and safe place for players to gather before and after training and games. We have a conference room for player reviews and a classroom with white board for teams to use. It also has bathrooms for our player, families and staff to use. Our clubhouse is currently closed to prioritize the health of our staff and players. We have office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm (come to the gate outside of door, and our staff will come out to you). Masks are required.

Is there financial aid available?

Families may apply for financial aid. PCU will never turn a way a player based on financial reasons. Financial aid applications can be found on our website under the forms section. Financial aid applications must be turned in at the time of tryouts.

What fees/costs are not covered by the Registration Fee?

PCU registration fees do not cover uniform costs, out of the area travel costs for coaching staff, out of state travel (when available), and Futsal training and league fees.

What does a year look like for PCU's players?

Due to COVID-19, please see most recent newsletter for questions concerning practice schedules, league updates and more. If you have additional questions, please reach out at pcusc@pcusc.org.

What is your refund policy?

We DO NOT OFFER CLUB REFUNDS after 30 days from tryout dates, as our players have begun training and our teams have already been formed and finalized. An administration fee of $295 is charged for anyone who drops before the 30 days. We do not offer club refunds on player's $25 tryout fee. In the event of an additional COVID-19 government imposed closure, adjustments will be made. Annual fees do NOT cover uniforms, tournament fees, travel (when available), or additional PCU programs including futsal. Please reach out at pcusc@pcusc.org with any questions.