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Alumni Q&A: Molly Eby, USF Goalkeeper

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Meet Molly Eby, former PCU player and current Goalkeeper at University of San Fransisco.

Q: Congratulations on being recently named WCC Defensive Player of the Week for taking down the defending national champs the Broncos at home for the first-time ever and only the second time in history. Assistant coach Pinder Nijjar said, "Molly has deserved this recognition for a while with really good performances against some top teams. She has been a massive part of our leadership early in the season and is doing a lot of tasks/jobs behind the scenes that most people don't appreciate or notice." What factors have helped you toward your current goals as a player?

A: Over the past 5 years there have been many factors that have helped me reach my goals as a player. I would say the most helpful ones would be persistence, dedication, and consistency. Getting to the D1 level as a freshman you are competing with the best players from around the country, everyone is good and it is intimidating at first. Throughout my college career I went through times of playing and starting, and also not playing many minutes. Sometimes a coach's decision is out of your control, but the one thing that was always in my control was my work ethic and desire to improve as a player. Now, in my last season at USF I am the starting goalkeeper and all the work I have done over the past four years is what has gotten me here.

Q: Any advice for current PCU GKs to help hone their leadership skills?

A: My advice for current Goalkeepers is don't be afraid to be loud. You can see everything on the field in front of you and it is important that your teammates can rely on you to give them the best information that will allow them to succeed in situations on the field. Trust is also a very important factor in our position, especially the trust you have with your defenders. Trust and communication is a two way street. You must be willing to accept feedback as well as give it and that will help you develop a great relationship with the rest of your teammates. I have a great relationship with my center back and fellow captain Catherine Hill and we have both been able to step into a leadership role together and help elevate each other's skill level on the field.

Q: How did you become interested in soccer?

A: I became interested in soccer at a very young age. I played rec starting in first grade and from the first year we were able to have goalies I fell in love with the position. I love being on a team, but I also love the individual aspect of being a goalie. At times there is a lot of pressure in my position, but I love the pressure and it makes me a better player. I can't imagine my life without soccer and it will be hard when my career ends in a few short weeks.

Q: What's the best advice you received from a coach?

A: I have had many influential coaches throughout my soccer career, including all my coaches from PCU. Some of the best advice I have received from my current coach is to control the things that you can control as a player. When I wasn't playing it was hard to stay engaged and focus on practice and improving my skills as a player. I worked closely with my current Associate Head Coach Pinder Nijjar during that time and he always reminded me that at a bare minimum I can control the amount of effort and passion I put into this sport and my team. It is very hard at times and being a dedicated athlete takes a lot of hard work and determination, but if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded in the end. Also don't forget to have fun. Sports at a high level are intense and demanding, but at the end of the day we play because we love it and we want to have fun doing it!



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